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Copywriting – Our Writers

Why do we use only Oxbridge graduates (those with degrees from the Universities of Oxford or of Cambridge) for our copywriting?

The answer is simple: they’re the best. The training received at these universities means that Oxbridge graduates are able to quickly see and sum up the salient points you need to be covered by your copywriting. This enables them to mention all your business’ key attributes in snappy sentences which highlight the opportunities which you offer.

Philosophy and Economics first class degree university of Oxford


BA English Literature first class graduate studying for Doctoral at the University of Oxford



Philosophy first class graduate studying masters in English literature University of Cambridge


First class graduate in English, University of Cambridge, currently studying masters at City University London



Oxbridge graduates all also have fluent and natural writing styles. Used to writing several essays a week, they have had plenty of opportunity to hone their language and their style. You won’t ever receive clumsily written copy from us, or content which fails to hit your key points in a memorable way. Our team has no trouble in customising content especially for the tone of your website, whether that’s chatty, formal, or technical – ensuring that the material delivered will fit your website like a glove.


What’s more, the hectic schedules of work at these universities mean that our writers can meet deadlines on very short notice. Within days of having received your order for web copy, it can be delivered to you word-perfect, with not a comma out of place! Busy business owners often find this to be an advantage, as in the fast-moving internet world it’s the early bird who catches the worm.

Most importantly, all of our writers have a high quality writing style which can engage prospective clients with your business’ services.

But it’s not just education that counts in copy writing. All members of our writing team also have substantial experience in SEO and copy writing. Because Oxbridge Content works with a very wide variety of clients, all our writers are highly flexible. And because of our large team, we can always provide a writer experienced in your area of business and in the writing style you need.

This combination of flexibility and experience, together with our writers’ impeccable writing styles, is what makes Oxbridge Content unique.