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Tier 1 Visa Business Plans

Anyone wishing to start up or invest in a business in the UK is required to have a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa - but the UK Home Office also requires a detailed business plan. This needs to meet strict government compliance requirements: in fact, nearly half of all Tier 1 Visa applications are refused. The Home Office requires extensive paperwork to support your application, but the credibility of the business plan will be the deciding factor.  Our business plan writing service with our near 100% success rate will help you to succeed in this crucial stage of the process

Our Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service:

There are many companies which promise success, but we are one of the few to offer:

  • Experienced professional experts

  • In-house accountants

  • A near 100% success rate. 

What we offer:

Our team will work closely with you throughout the process, providing individual support for your Tier 1 visa application. We have the expertise to prove that you, as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur, stand out and have the competitive advantages necessary for success. Our success rate for applications is close to 100%, so you can rest assured you are working with the very best. 

Your Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service will include:

Business strategy: Our professional team will cover all your details such as staffing (the Home Office requires that your business plan will create jobs) and investment allocation. We will prove that your business will run smoothly day by day. 
Professional consultations: We offer two hours of consultation with our highly experienced exp. 
Expert appraisal and summary: The final proposal will be re-read and appraised by an industry expert, cross-checking for accuracy and scrutinising your evidence and proposals closely. This will give your visa business plan the greatest chance of success: remember, our success rate is close to 100%.

Sales and marketing plan: This is essential for a successful Tier 1 business plan: your branding, USP, and other factors are important for the Home Office to know that your business is viable 

Market research and analysis: For a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, you need to demonstrate an excellent level of knowledge of the current market situation in the UK and how your proposal fits in. Our writers and researchers will use their expert and in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries to help you prove that your business plan is one that will work.

Strategy planning:  Too many visa business plans fail to consider short-, medium-, and long- term planning. Our team will provide:

SWOT and PEST Assessment: A Tier 1 business plan must be realistic: simply being optimistic will not impress the Home Office. We analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats related to your plan. Further to this, your business plan’s PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social-Cultural, Technological) provides further proof of your understanding of the bigger picture, and how your entrepreneur business plan can build on this for success.

Financial projections and calculations: Our accountants will scrutinise your business plan carefully, and produce the data necessary to guarantee the highest chance of success. Our business plan writing includes calculation of financial projections over the next 3 years, and ratios of spending and income. This provides proof that your business plan is grounded in a deep understanding of the market and its circumstances. Many Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa business plans cannot prove their viability, and this is yet another way our business plan writing service helps you succeed. However unique your idea is, the Home Office will not be interested unless you can demonstrate the potential for your business to become profitable.

Our Team:

Our team works together to build a Tier 1 business plan covering all the business and financial aspects required for success. Our business plan experts are all highly experienced, graduate trained professionals, experts on branding and marketing, with the knowledge and experience required for excellent business plan writing.

At Oxbridge Content, our experts know the Home Office’s requirements for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, and are here to help you succeed. They will produce a business plan that is clear, concise, and convincing, and covers all the areas that are essential for success. Home Office caseworkers will scrutinise your plan closely: an expert writer will ensure your entrepreneur business plan demonstrates the potential they are looking for. 

A further advantage of our Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service is our in-house accountants. A successful business plan does not just need to be well written and convincing, but needs to be financially viable, and demonstrate the potential to become profitable. Our business plan writing service includes the services of an experienced and highly qualified accountant, who will oversee all the financial aspects of your Tier 1 application, including profitability analysis and compliance with employment law.

We are here to help you realise your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but nearly 50% of all applications are turned down. Let our experts, with their near 100% success rate, help your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Business Plan succeed. 

For more information, contact us at or call us any time at 020 364 07691.